Downloadable Schedule

Preschool / Kinder Classes

Mom&Tot Play Date (12 mo-24 mo)- Thursday|10:30a-11:30a

***$15 drop-in, or $60 5-punch card***

Tiny Stars (2 years old)- Monday|9:30a-10:05a, Tuesday|9:30a-10:05a, Wednesday|9:30a-10:05a, Wednesday|6:30p-7:05p, Saturday|9:30a-10:05a

***$45 per month***

Gym Stars (3 years old)- Monday|10:10a-11:00a, Monday|5:20p-6:10p, Tuesday|11:10a-12:00n, Wednesday|11:10a-12:00n, Saturday|10:10a-11:00a

***$65 per month***

Super Stars (4-5 years old)- Monday|11:10a-12:00n, Tuesday|6:20p-7:10p, Wednesday|10:10a-11:00a, Wednesday|5:30p-6:20p, Saturday|10:10a-11:00a

***$65 per month***

Kinder Stars (5-6 years old)- Monday|5:10p-6:10p, Tuesday|10:10a-11:10a, Tuesday|6:30-7:30, Wednesday|5:20p-6:20p, Saturday|11:10a-12:10p

***$70 per month***

Recreational Gymnastics

Girls Level One (6-9 years old)- Monday|4:10p-5:10p, Monday 5:20p-6:20p, Monday 6:30p-7:30p, Tuesday|4:10p-5:10p, Tuesday|6:30p-7:30p, Wednesday|4:10p-5:10p, Wednesday|5:20p-6:20p, Wednesday|6:30p-7:30p, Thursday|4:10p-5:10p, Thursday|5:20p-6:20p, Friday|4:30p-5:30p

***$70 per month***

Girls Level One/Two (9 years and up)- Monday|6:30p-7:30p, Thursday|5:20p-6:20p, Friday|5:45p-6:45p, Saturday|10:15p-11:15p

***$70 per month***

Girls Level Two (6-9 years old)- Monday|6:15p-7:30p, Tuesday|6:15p-7:30p

***$85 per month***

Girls Level Three (first grade and up)- Monday|6:15p-7:45p

***$95 per month***


Dance Acro (first grade and up)- Tuesday|7:15p-8:15p, Wednesday|7:00p-8:00p,  Saturday|10:30a-11:30a

***$70 per month***

Beginning Tumbling (6-9 years old)- Tuesday|5:20p-6:20p, Thursday|6:30p-7:30p, Friday|7:00p-8:00p, Saturday|11:30a-12:30p

***$70 per month***

Intermediate Tumbling (8 years and up)- Thursday|6:30p-7:30p, Friday 7:00p-8:00p, Saturday|11:30a-12:30p

***$70 per month***

Advanced Tumbling (9 years and up)- Thursday|6:30p-7:30p

***$70 per month***

Competitive Team (invitation only)

Hope Team (4-6 years old)- invitations coming for January 2017

***$90 per month***

Pre-Team (6 years and up)- Tuesday|5:00p-6:30p & Friday|6:30p-8:00p

***$125 per month***

USAG Levels 2-10 please call or email for schedule and information:

(281)205-7450 |